I was delighted to recieve Jons full day photography course as a Christmas present.

Initially Jon comes across as a very friendly, approachable and patient man who made me feel comfortable straight away.

Although always having enjoyed taking ‘snaps’, I have never been knowledgeable or possibly brave enough to use my camera manually, therefore, I have tended to leave my camera settings on Auto.

The morning was spent gaining a better understanding of my camera manually, the various tools and aspects that the camera has, and being shown the freedom and the potential that my camera could offer me.  Techniques were disscussed in clear language and Jon was always welcoming and approachable for questioning.

I found Jon to be very Keen and competant and the tuition he gave was hands on and informative.  I particularly found it useful having the cameras there in front of me to reinforce visually what he was saying.  Jon gave me comprehensive notes that I could add to throughout the day and take away with me which will be helpful for future reference.

From midday onwards we went out with our cameras into Sherwood Forest and captured areas of interest to me.

We spent time putting into practise the techniques we’d talked about, looking at, discussing and appreciating varied views and chose what we felt to be the best compositions to take.

Jon happily invited questions and was always approachable and on hand if my understanding wasn’t clear.

Lastly, we rounded the day off by downloading the photos from the camera and manipulated them with a photography programe on the computer.

Yet more helpful techniques, hints and tips were given from Jon, this resulting in some useable images that I was more than happy with and that I am hoping to mount and frame.

The day was relaxed, productive and highly enjoyable.

Generally I feel that the course was intense enough without being too difficult and has left me with a much better understanding of photography and how to take a much better photograph as well as a new found enthusiasm.

Over all I can’t wait to get out and about again capturing images, having control of the camera rather than visa versa.

The course gave me plenty to take away and to work with in the coming months.  I now feel that the knowledge I have recently gained will allow me to explore my creativity but taking away the frustration and incompetance that I had previous to the course.

I am looking forward to finding out what is achievable with my camera with a bit of thought and imagination.  The course has definitly allowed me to take away plenty of food for thought and room for development.

Jons enthusiasm for photography shines through and it was easy to see that he is passionate about what he does.

Jon himself is a highly knowledgeable and talented photographer, extremly keen, yet has the ability to install confidence, invite challenge and pass on his knowledge, and skills to others.

A thoroughly enjoyable day!


Jon Cruttenden can improve your photography skills with his
Tuition Course, regardless of your current abilities.


I have used film cameras, including semi-professional SLRs for over 25 years.
However, when I made the move to a digital SLR, I was daunted by the technology and both the camera and I remained stuck in the basic modes.

I was given a half day tutorial day with Jon for my birthday to hopefully give me the confidence to explore the creative modes and the inspiration to get the camera out of its bag when the light is not perfect.

Jon is an excellent and natural teacher. He quickly found out what experience I had of photography and was able to show me how to use all the camera’s functions to get the best out of it. Jon’s passion for photography really shows through in his teaching style. He explained the various settings of the camera in an easy-to-follow manner which exactly hit the level I needed, not too techy and not patronising.

As the morning wore on, I found I was enjoying the session so much, that I upgraded to a full day to give us more time to get to grips with the camera and more time to put his ideas into practice.

In the afternoon, we went up to the Roaches, where Jon was still able to inspire me to use my camera despite the horizontal rain!

With Jon’s careful attention to detail, we spent some time finding photogenic subjects and experimenting with composition to show me why some photographs work and others don’t. Despite the weather I came back with a much clearer idea of how to use light and subject to best effect, even under such difficult conditions.

Once back in the dry, we then spent another hour or two looking at how Photoshop could be used to subtly improve the photos I had taken.

I really enjoyed my day with Jon and now feel confident and inspired to take photos in all weather conditions and go well beyond the “auto” settings.
I now look forward to experimenting with the camera and to continue learning how to use it creatively, rather than just going for the safe option.

Jon is a real inspiration and if his passion has rubbed off on me, I can only expect to see my photos get better and better.


Having always enjoyed photographs I was thrilled to receive a new camera for my birthday. I soon realised that I wasn’t going to get the most out of it unless I got someone to help me.

Jon was the perfect tutor. I admitted to feeling a little afraid of moving out of the automatic zone and wanted to become more creative, taking shots I could be proud to show others. His clear and simple approach was just what I needed.

It’s pretty hard for someone as expert, creative and passionate as Jon to put things in terms a novice could understand – but Jon achieved this with such ease.

A true teacher, I was quickly able to pick up on the basics of what my camera could do and was amazed how this was sinking in. For those things I needed a reminder of, Jon had prepared in-depth notes for me to take away and I still use them to refer to – a really helpful reminder and meant that I didn’t have to rely on memory.

After a few hours of Jon’s patient tuition I felt I was ready to move on. We spent the afternoon in the Peaks and this practical field trip reinforced all we had gone through in the morning. His dog Maddie made a perfect model too. I had not had so much fun in ages.

When we got back we downloaded the pictures and more tuition on how to improve the images of the day.

I have since creative a portfolio of my own and feel very pleased with what I had been able to create. My objective achieved.

Jon has given me the basic skills and confidence to create good competent pictures and I have no inclination to use the automatic ever again.

I feel inspired by Jon’s genuine enthusiasm and talent – spending time with him to share knowledge and ideas was truly a pleasure and privilege.


Jon Cruttenden can improve your photography skills with his
Tuition Course, regardless of your current abilities.