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Can a picture make or cost you thousands?  Can it save you weeks of time?  Can it be a vital factor in whether your home sells or not?  Well, the answer is Yes.

Pictures of Property listings shot with professional equipment by a professional, versus non-professional equipment in the hands of an Estate Agent command more online attention, faster selling times, and higher asking prices. 

With over 90% of home buyers using the Internet as part of their home search, listing photos are a critical factor in the selling price of your home, how quickly it sells, and whether it sells at all.

Your home will sell for more money and in less time on the market when professionally photographed.

Since professionally photographed homes are more likely to sell in general and to sell for more money, it’s not surprising that these homes also sell faster. Because online searching and browsing is such a critical part of the home-buying process, it follows that a better-photographed home will sell faster because more people are enticed to visit the home and people know what they are getting before they even set foot there.

With consistently being one of the top ten visited sites in the UK, it would be fair to say it is the number one shop window when it comes to viewing property.  Now we all know that first impressions count but when it comes to selling property in the 21st century, it is more important than ever.

When trawling through property after property on whilst looking to buy a new home, there is sometimes the odd one that jumps out at you.  It may look a little brighter than the rest, maybe a touch more spacious than the others for the money but nearly always it will have been well photographed.  This will probably get your initial vote and you will put it on your viewings list.

With Rightmove being one of the most viewed sites in the UK, lots of other people will also earmark this stand out property to view.  Some will decide it’s not the property for them, but some will see it as the next home of their dreams and put in an offer.  Had the property been photographed ‘like all the rest’, it wouldn’t have attracted as many viewings resulting in fewer offers, if any at all.

In Summary:

As I have said, listing photographs are a critical factor in determining the selling price of your home.

  • Better photographs get more online attention, yet the majority of listings are shot by the agent using point and shoot equipment
  • Agent-taken photographs are often poorly lit, poorly composed and poorly framed.
  • Using a professional service will produce vibrant, crisp, clear, attractive images that showcase a home in it’s best light – attracting more online interest… more viewings, and a higher selling price.

Professionally photographed homes sell faster: if you need help selling your home faster get in touch

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