Preparing your home for photographs

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When preparing your home for photographs, first impressions count.

When preparing your home for photographs there are a few simple, easy steps you can take to help your home look it’s best. Wherever potential home buyers are looking for properties, either online, or in an Estate Agent’s window, they make their mind up almost instantly.  In an ocean of properties for sale, high-quality photography can give your property a better chance of being noticed, leading to more viewings and a quicker sale.
So, when the time comes to market your property, what can you do to prepare your home for the photographer and maximise your chances of it looking at it’s best?
 Preparing your home for Photographs

Take a look at my tips for preparing your home for photographs:


  • Remove any weeds, building materials and other clutter from driveways and pathways
  • Take all cars off the drive and park out of sight
  • Hide wheelie bins, hosepipes, ladders and garden tools
  • Power wash or clean any green, mossy surfaces such as patios or decking
  • Cut the lawn if necessary
  • Clean windows

Preparing your home for Photographs


  • Make sure all light fittings work
  • Hide trailing TV and other appliance wires from view
  • Tidy cushions and rugs
  • Remove Kids’ toys where possible
  • Set the Dining table
  • A vase of flowers or fruit bowl in the Kitchen looks great
  • Open curtains and blinds
  • Ensure items on top of wardrobes or under beds are out of sight
  • Close wardrobe and cupboard doors
  • Place bins out of site
  • Hide pet bedding and feeding stations
  • Remove tea cloths, dish cloths and washing up
  • Remove closing hanging on the backs of bedroom or bathroom doors
  • Take out excess toiletries from bathrooms
  • Arrange towels neatly
  • Hang shower heads on their bracket
  • Toilet lid down!
Preparing your home for Photographs
Don’t worry about flooding the house with the aroma of ground coffee or freshly baked bread – you can’t smell a photograph! However, I always appreciate a brew when I come to photograph a house 😉  There are plenty of great examples are out there and here is just one.
I offer high quality professional photography services to Estate Agents, Architects and Home Builders. See my work here.
Preparing your home for Photographs

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