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To me, the opportunity to be let loose around a manufacturing environment with such local heritage was a fabulous way to use my skills, and help promote the Potteries through this blog entitled “Industrial Photography Staffordshire”.

This one day shoot for Churchill China in Staffordshire was one of those jobs that really got my creative juices flowing.  Now, to the casual observer, spending a day walking around a ‘Pot Bank’, as they’re called locally, doesn’t seem the most glamorous of assignments, does it?

Industrial Photography Staffordshire The Potteries

Having worked previously in the printing industry, I have long appreciated the photographic opportunities in the industrial environment. Things like stacks of buckets, rows of product, warehouse racking disappearing into the distance call all make a great photograph.  To me, this is a far more stimulating environment in which to flex my creative muscles than waiting for a sunrise  on a lakeland fell…

Industrial Photography Staffordshire The Potteries


The Production Manager gave me a full Factory tour prior to the day of the shoot.  This gave me a flavour of the processes involved and prepared me for what to expect on the day.  Much of the time on the tour was spent mentally logging potential photographs.



Industrial Photography Staffordshire The Potteries

The Potteries

My brief for this job was to photographically document the entire production process from the arrival of the china clay ‘slip’ into the factory through moulding, glazing, firing, decorating through to final QC.  I learnt a lot during the job, and acquired a new-found admiration for this industry which gave ‘The Potteries’ it’s name. The staff involved were briefed prior to my arrival.  No cheesy grins or thumbs-up poses here.  That’s not my style – you can keep that for the local press. 

Industrial Photography Staffordshire The Potteries

My intention was to capture the staff engaged in the workplace, concentrating on the task in hand. All the best shots for this kind of job are taken without the human subject being disturbed. The shot of the Managers gathered around wearing white coats is a classic shot.  Despite it looking carefully co-ordinated – I took this before they had even noticed me.  Upon spotting me, they actually asked if I wanted them to move.  I said, ‘No thanks, it’s fine’.  I’d just bagged the perfect shot.

Industrial Photography Staffordshire The Potteries


I was recently asked back again to photograph the production of a brand new product line.  The brief was quite similar:  to creatively record all aspects of the production process from dipping, decorating, firing, QC, through to packing and despatch.  Owing to the top-secret nature of the product, I can’t share any images at this point but will add them as soon as I get permission.

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